Art in Ruins 
Edinburgh 1988



“Who are you? Where have you come from? Who are your sponsors? … Where do you think you’re going?
There’s a queue ……. and you’re not in it.”
Paul Johnstone (ex-gallerist), somewhere in London, sometime in 1982.



“Whenever I consider work I always ask the question ‘Where will this end up?’
… with the work of Art in Ruins ……. I can’t see where it will end up.”
Brian Hatton (writer / critic), somewhere in London, sometime in 1985



“Look … it’s like cricket, we all have to play the game … but you are making up your own rules.
So can we can agree that we have our playing field here … and you can have your own ……. over there.
Richard Wentworth (artist), at the opening of Kunst Europa, Germany 1991



“History has already been written …….. and it doesn’t include you.
Simon Bedwell (artist / curator: Bank), at the opening of Cocaine Orgasm, Shoreditch, London 1995



Zombie Golf 
Bank London 1995