Limbo (li-mbo) noun 1. the name of a dance (N. American) popular in the Sixties (thus. do the Limbo: verb. to Limbo). “Slide into the Limbo, yeah, how low can you go ….. ?” Bob and Earl. Harlem Shuffle

2. a state of affairs (orig. a place) usual usage with negative connotations (thus. in limbo, out of limbo) from Latin Limbus:

a. A region on the border of Hell. b. Hell, Hades. 1637.

c. Prison, durance. 1590. d. Any unfavourable place or condition, likened to Limbo. 1642. e. Used technically in literal sense of ‘border’ or ‘edge’. 1671. f. a zombie-like condition.

3. in Limbo. a. a mental or physical state of suspended activity as a result of reflection on intention and its outcome (ironic, comic, tragic, etc.).

b. a social condition. 1. everyday life (the present) as a state of Limbo (between an unfinished history, memory, etc., and the construction of a future). 2. Limbo as a result of Lost Reputation. Moore.

c. a political condition. 1. c.f. the fate of politicians and political action in Western democracies (in Limbo between a global corporate elite and local communities, particularly in regard to war, famine, global warming, GM crops, etc.). 2. “The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear.” (A. Gramsci.)

d. the fate of the avant-garde with relation to social transformation (rather than merely personal liberation) as a result of either its assimilation into an unchanged mainstream as ruins (T.J. Clark) or a partial appropriation by society as signs of social change. (fashion, etc.)

e. as a result of historical amnesia or a contemporary blindspot.

f. a positive condition (uncommon usage). Productive withdrawal.

Double Take Installation Windows Gallery, Prague 2000


Party Time_Installation View

Party Time Installation Galerie Camera Austria, Graz 2000






Vampire Value 'Des Emblems come Attitudes' 
Ecole des Beaux Arts, Tourcoing, France 
Art in Ruins 1988


Llandudno 2020 Covid-19



Somewhere in the world today a good-to-go figure stands in front of a flaming forest vainly snapping a selfie unaware of the discarded plastic bottles at their feet; to be posted on anti-social media which no-one will look at, wilfully ignorant of the part they play in the destruction of the environment which surrounds them and which they do not want to see.

Somewhere else an obese teenager wanders through a destroyed landscape drinking a caramel latte while looking at their mobile phone not seeing the dying bees around them, wilfully unaware of the poisoning of both the planet and of their own immune system; which they do not want to see.

The Modern World, built on the exploitation and destruction of nature (and human nature), has reached its tipping point, which (almost) no-one wants to see. All the warnings have been ignored or corrupted.

Some time ago we wrote an essay entitled How to Explain Western Civilisation to a Dead Hare: Technological Fascism versus Ecological Realism1 – ‘Mastery and Power over Nature’ is the driving force of unsustainable growth (that is, emancipation) 2

The global pandemic briefly put the overdeveloped world in Limbo and allowed the planet to breathe. While many of those around us hysterically cried for “a return to normal”; for freedom (from responsibility), for more freedom (to ignore concern for others), and even more freedom (for more endless consumption), some began to take precautions and attempted to restore an immune system (almost completely destroyed by a self-destructive lifestyle), and began to recognise limits and celebrate a paradigm shift where, living here in the Wasteland of the Free, 3 life can never be the same again …… in these dark days of the revenge of nature.4


1 See – Archive / debttrap kunstpraxis / some debt / how to explain western civilization to a dead hare
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2 Definition: Emancipation – To set free from control, to release from civil, moral, or intellectual restraint.
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3 Wasteland of the Free – written by alt-country singer / songwriter Iris Dement.
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