Art in Ruins

Homage to Art in Ruins 1995

Art in Ruins may be a group, but they are first and foremost a demolition squad whose target is the last vestiges of the question of value.  An image, a sort of trade name repeating itself, but Art in Ruins is above all a concatenation of attitudes applied to the deconstruction of the cultural residue left by the system of art.

Appropriation, diversion, “detournement”, and re-contextualisation are the preferred instruments of their corrosive praxis.  Art in Ruins continually shoots back with received values that have been completely flattened.  Their method is to the market as aikido is to aggression.  They have developed a critical attitude the way others play at boomerang and nothing escapes their treatment, not even politics.

In the ambiguous interval between demolition and paroxysmal parody, beyond simple cynicism, Art in Ruins functions as an emancipatory machine which no belief can survive.  More than a name, Art in Ruins is a whole programme.


Frank Perrin ‘European Guerillas’

Kanal  No 2  April/May 1992